Not Just an ordinary Web Design Training Institute_

Designing a web site is now considered serious affair these days since perfect designs goes a long way in creating ever lasting impression among internet users spread across the globe. If a website is not designed well or better to say not user friendly, chances are that users will never visit it again, which is not at all considered a good sign. Offshore IT firms located at major Indian Metropolitan cities including Kolkata are constantly looking for seasoned web design professionals since they consider them as precious gems of their enterprise.

We at IT Career Solutions can make such claim because we are a part (Training Division) of professional Web Design Company also based at Kolkata. Our parent company knows how precious a web designer is to an IT organization. Without them a company will simply cannot move ahead with their work. They are the one who can visualize things and put it together to come up with a creative design idea depending on a given website subject matter.

Here at our Kolkata and Howrah training institute, we will not only make you familiar with the fundamental concepts, tools and markup languages of web designing, but help you master this art or technique through advance training sessions, practical assignments and opportunity to work on live international website design projects alongside seasoned web designers and HTML/XHTML, CSS coders and Flash ActionScript experts.

At IT Career Solutions, we believe that mere learning is not enough in getting a job at a reputed IT concern. You need to be an expert and to help you achieve your goal; we have designed our professional training course module as per the industry standards.

Some of our Web Design Training Course features are outlined below: 

Session 1: Introduction

  • Briefing on Internet Basics
  • Client and Server Software
  • Introduction to Dynamic and Static Web Sites
  • Domain Names and Domain Registration
  • Importance of W3C Validation
  • Introduction to Website Hosting
  • Introduction to Web Design Tools
  • Introduction to Web Markup Language

Session 2: Adobe Photoshop

  • Editing of Digital Still Image
  • Introduction to Digital Still Image Format
  • Filters, Layers and Action
  • Static Banner Designing
  • Creation of custom effects
  • Web Page Layout designing
  • PSD to XHTML conversion
  • Image Manipulation for use in web pages

Session 3: HTML/XHTML, CSS and Adobe Dreamweaver

  • Fundamental concepts of HTML, XHTML and CSS
  • HTML and XHTML Structure
  • Comparison between HTML and XHTML
  • HTML Tags (Basics and Advanced)
  • Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
  • HTML, XHTML and CSS Scripting on Dreamweaver
  • Styling a web page using Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)
  • HTML DIV and Table Tags
  • Creating Web Forms
  • How to Create Dropdown Web Menu
  • How to add images on website
  • How to embed audio and video files
  • CSS properties
  • Layout designing using Cascading Style Sheet

Session 4: JavaScript

  • Server side Scripting
  • Client Side Scripting
  • Events and Objects
  • Validating JavaScript
  • Writing JavaScript file on Dreamweaver
  • Form Validation using JavaScript

Session 5: Adobe Flash

  • Briefing on Web Animation
  • Introduction to Adobe Flash Software
  • Effects on Flash
  • Flash Intro Designing
  • Flash Logo Designing
  • Flash Web Template Designing
  • Flash Web Banner Designing
  • Corporate Flash Presentation Designing
  • Flash Action Scripting
  • Flash Web Designing

Session 6: Browser Compatibility and Web Hosting

  • Introduction to Various Web Browsers
  • W3C HTML/XHTML Validation
  • Website Testing on Multiple Browsers
  • Working on Compatibility Issues
  • Introduction on FTP Client and Server Software
  • Training on Domain Name Registration
  • How to make a Website Live
  • Website Maintenance