The Doorway to Rewarding IT Career_

The IT industry in India is growing and website development holds a significant share in this sector. Websites nowadays considered as the ultimate cost effective means of reaching to target audiences, thanks to advancement in technology. Technological advancement has even lead to the reduction in internet subscription fee that in turn lead to the growth of internet users worldwide. Every people on earth are now using the internet to fulfill their needs such as shopping, banking, dating and lot more.

Here at IT Career Solutions Kolkata, we provide advance job oriented IT training courses that will help you acquire one-way ticket to the challenging and rewarding world of Indian IT Industry. Professionals well aware of web programming technologies and design tools like PHP MySQL, HTML, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, CSS, Flash, JavaScript, Action Scripting, Web 2.0 and Content Management Systems like Joomla, WordPress are wanted by IT recruiters. Since we too are part of a Kolkata based professional offshore IT firm, we know what the industry expects from you, which is extraordinary expertise in your field.

Job Based Industrial Training in Kolkata:

IT Career Solutions is the Professional Training division of Properbounce Technologies, a specialized web design company located at the same city. We here don't just offer training. We offer Industrial Training and the difference between these two terms are substantial. Training is just making you aware of concepts and know-how. Job oriented industrial training on the other hand is all about gaining expertise, competence and confidence, which we believe are the key elements needed to overcome challenges that lies ahead. We'll make you aware of the industry scenario, how to work as a team, how things are done in real world, etc. In short, we'll let you know various aspects of an IT industry's inner workings.

The opportunity to work on live projects under the guidance of seasoned web developers and designers is an initiative by us to let you gain much needed proficiency and self-belief. At the end of your respective training sessions like graphic design, web design or PHP web programming, you'll become eligible for this course at no additional fee.

So, if you are thinking of becoming a part of the ever rising and rewarding Indian IT Industry, wait no more and get enrolled.